B2B vs B2C Advertising

Social media has become a crucial tool for B2B (Business to business) and B2C (Business to consumer) companies to meet their marketing goals, with two billion people actively using social media its easy to see why.

When it comes to B2B companies social media marketing is about lead generation. Social media provide companies a way to target specific customers, this can be anything between individuals or entire organizations. This is essential as the purchasing process for B2B involves multiple decision-makers.

LinkedIn has become very effective for B2B. Oktopost, a social media marketing firm carried out a survey and found that 80 percent of sales leads are generated via the platform, Twitter generate about 13 percent ad Facebook generate about 7 percent. B2B companies like to showcase info about their products and services, using social media platforms helps them to do so. According to Clutch, B2B companies use social media to become an authority in their respective industry.

When it comes to B2C companies they are more inclined to try and influence individual customers to buy something. This is why social media marketing is essential for these companies as they can reach such a broad audience. In a study by Clutch, nearly 60 percent of the B2C companies surveyed said that social media increased their revenue and sales, in comparison to 46 percent of B2B companies. 96 percent of those B2C companies said Facebook was the best social media platform to meet their goals.

Facebook is the head and shoulders above the rest of the social media platforms when it comes to B2C marketing.

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